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Fuel Pump maintenance and supply solutions, helping to keep service stations operational.

About us

North West Pumps Ltd - with over 10 years of fuel pump maintenance experience and re-pump installations behind us, we decided that it’s time for a slight re-brand. It’s also time for some strategic business growth into the West and East Midlands in particular.

Our business started as a 'north west focussed' business, but we are far more than that now. 

So, we will now be known as NWPL to compliment this; however, we’re exactly the same business that many forecourt owners and fuel companies know, and compliments the growth of the business’s scope outside of the North of England.

Welcome to NWPL!

Most branded pumps maintained, including those no longer in manufacture.

Working with forecourt owners and fuel companies, NWPL undertake all elements of fuel pump maintenance and repair, and the commissioning of brand-new pumps or re-conditioned fuel pumps including pipework, groundworks and associated electrical works required to facilitate fully functioning fuel pumps.

Works carried out by NWPL are treated as either project based (replacement pumps), or as a maintenance solution.

Clients’ forecourts are always made safe, with appropriate PPE in place, and NWPL will always try to keep the site operating whilst undertaking on site works. Downtime is kept to a minimum at all times. 

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Our Services

Pump Servicing

At NWPL, we provide a consistent and transparent fuel pump maintenance service across the North and the Midlands sections of England. Often, NWPL work further afield, cost effectively for both parties. NWPL’s PAYG pump maintenance solutions work for both parties normally, in that the forecourt owner pays for the service provided, as and when required, NWPL completely understands the ramifications of fuel pumps not working / failing, resulting in diluted vehicle driver satisfaction- often ending up with customers going elsewhere to buy their fuel and spend in another convenience store.

NWPL carry stocks of spares for most pump models. NWPL and a has a call logging system in place to ensure that clients issues are logged and for call out and repair to keep clients’ pumps and associated equipment operational

NWPL carry out measure checks on fuel dispensers and if necessary, cut the measures back to strike, and in addition, in the event of seals being broken, NWPL can liaise with trading standards and other organisations to validate pump dispensing accuracies.

Pump Supply and Installations

NWPL install both market leading brands of new and also reconditioned fuel pumps to exacting standards. This includes the installation of pumps and integration with POS systems, plus completion of groundworks, pump island construction and pipework. NWPL supply the whole re-pump solution, to ensure an entirely smooth running fuel station post installation - with on going support post installation. Amongst other market leading fuel pump brands, NWPL are proud to be an accredited Petrotec fuel pump installation and service provider.

NWPL's Pump Maintenance Services and Products
  • Diesel and Petrol Pump service and maintenance
  • Ad hoc fuel pump maintenance
  • DOMS failure support and remedy
  • POS support if effecting pump to POS links
  • Remote Dial Up assistance
  • Annual Stage 1B vapour recovery inspections
  • Fuel Line Pressure Testing
  • Measure validations
  • Wet Stock Management installed and serviced
  • Tank gauges installed and serviced
  • Grade change and upgrade
  • DCD systems installed and serviced
  • Veder-root systems installed and serviced
  • OPW systems installed installed and serviced
  • Franklin systems installed installed and serviced
  • Normand systems installed and serviced
  • Overfill Prevention systems installed and serviced
  • High level audible alarm systems installed and serviced
Flexible Pricing

Pay as You Go (PAYG): NWPL’s PAYG pump maintenance solutions work for both parties, in that the customer pays for the service provided, as and when required.

NWPL’s PAYG Pump maintenance solutions cover more than the pumps themselves, they cover everything related to the smooth and efficient running of the pumps and associated equipment on a forecourt / convenience store.

Annual Maintenance Contracts: NWPL offer Annual Maintenance Contracts in addition to PAYG services, and these are priced on a ‘site specific’ basis.

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